History of Watton Place

A question we are often asked when patients attend Watton Place Clinic for the first time is what is the history of the building? Here is a brief history of Watton Place…

The name Watton is first recorded in an 11th century publication of 10th century Anglo-Saxon Wills as Wattun, and in the Domesday Book as both Wodtune and Watone. 

Watton Place is said to be one of the most impressive building in Watton. The house is probably Tudor and is thought to have originally been L-shaped. It retains some fine twisted brick chimney stacks, restored in 1991 when the building was converted for use as a medical centre—the Watton Place Clinic. 

Prior to its use as a medical centre, Watton Place was part of a salmon fish factory for one of the largest producers of smoked salmon in the UK.  The premises were closed in 1988 and subsequently the adjacent site of the factory was demolished and redeveloped for housing which is now known as Newmans Court. 

Below is a link to the Parish Website for more information see the Watton at Stone Village Guide